So our world is multifaceted

Trip to Chicago
  Chicago is an old city, founded in 1833. Populous city, has about three million people. Its status as Chicago was in 1833, and retained the old name, American Indian…

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About Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal is a freshwater lake in the South of Eastern Siberia. Location: between 55º46,3 North latitude and 109º57,5 East longitude 51º27,5 North latitude and 103º42,5 East duty. Height above…

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The Lake White – Klepiki district, Ryazan region


White lake — is a natural monument of the Ryazan region. It is unique in its natural resources, with unusual for Ryazan region depth and very clear water. The lake was formed by powerful movements that occurred during the glaciation. Then one of the languages of ancient glacier literally dug in this area, deep furrow, resulting in this place was filled with meltwater. But it is possible that the lake has karst origin.

The lake is located in the Ryazan region, Klepiki district, 22 km from the town of Spas-Klepiki. Near the shore you can see thickets of reeds around the lake pines, the bottom of his muddy and sandy coastal zone. It has underwater vegetation, with colonies of algae that literally encircles the lake from 3-10 meters. The measurements, conducted in 1994, showed the depth of the lake is 50.2 meters. The White area is 33.4 ha, length 848 m, shoreline length of 2.2 km, the biggest depth of 101 m.

What is the only fish there. It’s ruff, perch, carp, pike, tench, roach, IDE. In addition, in White lake there are cancers, which can be seen in the belt of underwater vegetation. Because of glubinny lakes, fishing here in the summer a bit difficult. But plenty of banks you can easily catch pike, roach, tench and perch. Difficult fishing and in the summer, Continue reading

The secrets of the Golden Valley

The main aim of the expedition was the geographical monitoring of the most interesting and promising route for schoolchildren and youth in the area.

Since the end point of the route was planned to the most remote and inaccessible territory of the Kuznetsk Alatau, the honor to participate in the expedition were awarded the most experienced travelers:

Nikita Shchukin, student of school №99 of the city of Novokuznetsk, an Explorer and geographer;

Shchukin Vladislav, photo and videographer;

Artem Andreev, student of natural geographical faculty Kuzgpa ;

Ivanov, Y. P., the project Manager, the author of these lines.

Despite the rather harsh weather conditions and the incredible abundance of snow (and it is in the second half of July!), the expedition was a success. For the first time the flags of the Russian geographical society and UC RUSAL developed in the heart of the Kuznetsk Alatau, which is legendary in Golden Valley!

The expedition was assembled a huge research material: a description of a significant part of routes removed precise geographic coordinates and absolute height of many tourist sites and attractions, made hundreds of photos, and also cleared and has 3 Parking spaces.

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The Sacred Titicaca Lake


In South America, in the mountains, on the border of Peru and Bolivia. at the height of 3800 meters, between the slopes of the mighty Cordillera real, which rises above the lake on S meters, and the Bolivian highland plateau, rising to the ridges of the Western Cordillera, raspolozhilas the highest mountain lake in the world — Titicaca. In some places the water depth reaches 300 meters, and its area is more than 8000 km 2. The sacred lake of the Incas is a kind of “inland sea”, it collects all the waters of this desolate and arid plateau.

Flows into the lake Titicaca more than twenty rivers, and flows only one — the river of Desaguadero. On the way she cuts through layers of rock salt and blurs them in the lower mainstream of the river of Desaguadero salt.

On lake Titicaca there are over thirty Islands, two of which locals believe are sacred and meaningful names: Island Sun and Island of the moon. And the name of this strange lake in the Inca language means “to lead the rock”. This is the name of the indigenous people was first given to one of the Islands located near the southern coast, and then around the lake.

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The Teletskoye lake in the winter


Teletskoye lake is located in the North-East of the Altai mountains, at the junction with the ridge of the Western Sayan. Mirror lake is located at an altitude of 436 m. North of the lake limits Tarot low ridge, and from West and South-West ridges of Altanta, Sumultinsky and Iago with altitudes of 2000-2500 m. In the East lie the ridges Corbu and Abakan, from the South to the lake adjoins the edge of a vast Chulyshman uplands. All these ranges have a wide privateresidence stage, towering over the lake for hundreds of meters steep, often — steep ledges that fall into the lake, numerous waterfalls. Lake Teletskoye occupies the 4th place in Russia in depth after lake Baikal, the Caspian sea, Alexander lake (Putorana plateau, North of the Krasnoyarsk region) and 25th among the deepest lakes in the world. The maximum depth of 325 meters, average is 175 meters. The length is 77,7 km, average width is 2-3 km, maximum width up to 5 km Northern portion stretches from West to East, the southern part of the lake, right angle extended from the North to the South. The surface (mirror) of lake Teletskoye 223 square kilometers.

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The largest lake in the world


All the continents of our Earth can be found lakes, both large and small, both artificial and natural. According to preliminary calculations, their number is about 5 thousand pieces. And now we will talk about the largest lake in the world and its features.

The largest lake in the world and its paradox

No matter how surprising and ironic as it may sound, but the largest lake in the world is the sea. Indeed, the Caspian sea, which is so named because of its enormous size (its area is over 370 thousand square kilometers), has no outlet to the ocean and not freshwater, and therefore are actually recognized by the lake.

By the way, the biggest lake boasts big depth: the maximum level reaches 1025 meters. Thus, it is smaller than lake Baikal is more than 600 meters. It is conditionally possible to say that this sea found 2 parts of the world: Asia and Europe . Its shores are washed by 5 countries.

The largest freshwater lakes in the world

If we consider the rating of: “The largest freshwater lake in the world “, is the leader lake superior. It is located on the border of Canada and the United States. It belongs to the Great lakes system. An interesting fact is that, Continue reading

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